179 Wandering Trail, Jupiter – Indian Creek

179 Wandering Trail, Jupiter, FL

$ Click for current price

This fantastic pool home in the heart of Jupiter sits on over one third of an acre. Come see the best that Indian Creek has to offer. Enjoy 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a den and a 2 car garage in a very private cul-de-sac. The recently renovated bathrooms and kitchen makes this home a must see. The over-sized rear patio with screen enclosed free form pool creates a your very own tropical oasis. The property is one of the biggest lots in all of Indian Creek and offers a huge, completely fenced-in yard for endless possibilities! This home is also a charter member of the Indian Creek Pool and Tennis club, which gives you access both! Do not miss this gem.

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Sneak Peek! 205 Wenonah Place, West Palm Beach, FL

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322 Clark Lane, Jupiter, FL 33477


Truly a slice of paradise.
This gated, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, Key West style home sits on a peninsula with almost a half-acre of breathtaking waterfront property. 300 feet of water frontage is a very rare find in beautiful Jupiter, only minutes from the Jupiter Inlet as well as the brand new Harbourside Place, and no fixed bridges along the way. With a 40-foot, dredged dock and a 16,000-lb boat lift, this is a Boater’s dream! The home was constructed using concrete enforced beams throughout, making it as solid as they come. The only load-bearing walls in the house are the front and back walls. A new metal roof was put on in 2009; both A/C units were replaced last year. While the home has almost 3300 sq. ft under air, and additional 2600 sq ft of balconies and terraces offer an outstanding overall living space. Just steps from the living room with a wet bar, a custom pool and spa with great outdoor lighting create a personal oasis. You will get water views from every room in the house and lighthouse views from every room on the second floor. The master-suite has an over-sized terrace with amazing lighthouse views, and a bathroom with whirlpool tub and steam shower. An in-law suite with full kitchenette and separate entrance offers many options. A chance to own property like this doesn’t come around often. Don’t miss it.

$1.9 Million

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Points For A Good School District?

Does a good school district really matter?  That is a frequently asked question that many home hunters ask

School Districts and Real Estate

REALTORS.  When people plan on buying a place, they carry a mental list of things that are important and are an influence in their decision.  For them, the top of the list is conquered by a) the curb appeal of the house, b) the age of the property and c) the distance of the house from amenities.  That has been a stubborn trend for years, but now the importance of a house that is in close proximity to a good school district is slowly making its way to the top of this list.

I Hear This A lot!

“School districts only attract families with school going children.”  I can confidently say this is a myth.  I have had a lot of clients who have no children and yet still prefer homes in Jupiter and Palm Beach because of the great schooling in the area.  Stats have a lot to say about this too.  20% of home buyers will readily increase their budget just to get a home within the boundary of a good school district, and in a recent survey 51% of buyers, when given the choice of proximity to a great shopping and dining establishment vs. a small home in the bounds of a good school district, happily opted for the latter.

So Why Do We Prefer School Districts?

It started out with families looking for good schools for their kids and planning on settling there for more than a decade.  Honestly, with all the hype of ‘great school districts’ on maps and reviews, many of the people I meet with even think that the high home prices means the school must be excellent and probably even superior. School districts are relatively safe and peaceful areas, and anyone looking to settle or start a family definitely has every good Realtor’s go ahead on this.  Moreover, talking to my clients, I have noticed a trend that people are usually looking to buy a home in an area that encourages community activities and comfortable neighborhoods (apparently that is a trendy quality feature too these days).  All these options narrow down their choices to a great school district.  According to one of my clients, when you are comfortable in your home, your domestic life will be constantly happy and that is a huge factor in the assurance that your children get the best standard of education. Keeping all this in mind, the increased prices of the limited homes within the bounds of a good school district does not even cover the worth.

So Is The Price Right?

When it comes to real estate pricing, the good school districts definitely add value to the place thus raising the property price too. You may wonder why that is so.  It all has to do with supply and demand where right now the demand for homes within a good school district has reached a point where there are a limited number of homes available in such districts and many buyers who want them.  Accordingly, the prices have automatically increased for this limited commodity.


Check out the “Market Insider” tab on my website for school information in different areas in Palm Beach County

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The Strategies For Successful Buyers and Sellers (No One Will Tell You This!)


There is a bonus to being a REALTOR where you get to learn from the market navigation experience of others. So I finally convinced myself and put together a list of the primary things that buyers and sellers should definitely consider.buyers

It’s Where The House Is!

I could not help but make this the number one factor on my list. It does not matter if you are looking to sell or to buy. Forget the house itself. A small house in Juno Beach would be worth a lot more than an extravagant home in a less preferable street. If you are looking to buy, narrow down your search near a university area or a good school district for starters.

Your Motto: My Ratings Need A Check!

Credit Ratings are never perfect even when they are flawless. Learn to live with that. This is the best and safest assumption that will help you keep an eye on your ratings like a hawk which will lead to zero surprises during your negotiations with the lender.

Save The House Hunting For Last

Moreover, if you are indeed buying on a mortgage, I have noticed and it has become something of a factual detail for me that meeting up with more than one lender at the same time before you start your house hunting regime is the way to go. Trust me, it’s much easier to buy a home once your choices are narrowed down by the budget.  In my experience, two words that go together are Smart and Happy, where if you shop Smart, you will surely end up Happy.

Upscale To Sell

For sellers, the first tip is updating everything. Seriously, there is competition and it’s like a lightsaber against a conventional metal sword. You do not need to go on a high tech renovation project, just stick to the small details. Replace the carpet if you think it’s too worn out or get a new sink. These things are in plain sight when prospective buyers are inspecting the house, so why should you as a seller let this chance go without making a good impression?

A lot of sellers believe that by setting an initial high price the negotiations will automatically reduce it to a suitable one. This is a risky move in my book.  Buyers don’t even give high priced listing a second glance. It is the price listings that attract 99% of prospective buyers.

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Ways To Sell Your Home Fast

Everyone knows the basics: clear the clutter, make the place presentable, ensure it is in a move- in condition, etc. However, here is a list of all the things that property sellers hardly get to hear.

The Real Meaning Of ‘Making Your Home Attractive’

The idea behind it all is to make your home memorable out of the many others that prospective buyers have been viewing all day. If you are going to upgrade and renovate your home to prepare it for selling then a wise choice would be going for a custom design.

Now take a moment and think about it, there are a lot of potential buyers in the market right now (what with the economy getting back on track) and the house on sale must cater to the eyes of a wide audience so it ultimately needs to stand out in the neighborhood. But you need to stay earth bound with this too and not get carried away.

Be Smart With Renovations

There is no such thing as over improving your home. However, it pays to be smart on what areas you choose to improve. For example, new shingles on the roof may not be a factor for the potential buyer to consider when thinking about buying your home. So simply save your time and money and concentrate on the aspects that matter at the first glance. I have accompanied so many buyers who are greatly impressed by an interior that complements the house and I have to say but a little more than half of them take a newly installed bathroom into the points bank for the house.

Throw In A Little Extra

If you are looking to sell quickly the strategies that do this with a 100% success rate is if you offer to pay the closing costs. Buyers are always on the lookout for deals. And the elimination of closing costs makes the house price fit in perfectly into their budget. Last but not least is making certain that your asking price is right. You can always consult a real estate agent and discuss what price tag is suitable for your home because even after you have staged the curb appeal you still need to think by the perspective of the buyer and let me tell you, the buyer wants to live in a pleasant looking home at the least cost possible.


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Why You Should Not Buy Property Solo in Palm Beach County


Ever wondered why realtors are still in existence? The trend of buying your own home online is fairly new, so if you find yourself asking why the internet could never bring out the inner realtor in you, you are forgetting that the internet greatly helps you browse though the details of the house, but it can never match that with the agent actually taking you on a tour of it. And if you do find yourself preferring the solo online option, trust me, you will soon change your mind. Below are the reasons why one should opt for a realtor in Palm Beach County.

Buying Or Selling Takes Some Emotional And

Financial Undertaking

So you have priced your home logically and that is a great step, but what next? Every stage has to be carefully planned. It is never easy finding a place that you can call home, not to mention the support that is required for following the legal formalities.  That is why the FAQ’s regarding the Real Estate Market in South Florida are always packed with inquisitive buyers and sellers, whereas realtors have spent their careers finding out the answers.

What’s The Convenience?

A realtor’s job is to be the liaison that links the sellers and buyers. This also means that a real estate agent can easily track down homes that match what you are looking for, and arrange for an appointment with the sellers agent anywhere in Palm Beach County. If you do all that on your own you will be squeezing this important task in the confines of your ‘free time’ and there is the potential chance that the sellers might move on, assuming you are not interested due to the delayed response. For realtors that is a full-time job.

There Is A Trick To It

Many people avoid direct real estate deals with the sellers. The relationship is too transparent on both fronts as both the parties stick to their best interests. A realtor however is fluent in the language of transactions without making it seem too personal. Don’t worry, your interests are made vocal and what’s more, you will know what to comment on out loud and what not to (for all you know the ugly-looking wallpaper in the house may hold some sentimental value for the seller, why jeopardize the chance to build a good seller buyer relationship by expressing it) . Your realtor will have no trouble with conveying your thoughts and using them to put you in a better position to negotiate.

The realtor will automatically frame in his head all the things that will need to be done by the end of the deal. For instance, the reason to get a Purchase Contract is so that if the seller does not hold his end of the bargain on certain things you can simply back out, instead of bearing with it. And it’s not just that, an experienced realtor will let you know the things that are inclusive in a contract, and the things that you can rightfully add to the contract before it is drafted.


There are people who are hesitant on investing in realtors but think about it for a second; why try to save money on something that will stream through long-term drawbacks later? In fact, you are actually playing it safe and benefiting from getting a realtor to buy your house for you in any place like Jupiter, Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Singer Island, etc. The licensed Realtors in Palm Beach County are bound by law to work for their client’s best interests, and not their own. If you think your realtor could have done better you can actually validate in court that your agent failed to uphold the duties he is licensed to fulfill.



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Buying Real Estate in Palm Beach County? Must Read!

Things to consider when signing a purchase contract in Palm Beach County


Congratulations, if you have found the house of your dreams after a long hunt in Palm Beach County.  If the seller has accepted your offer, all you need to do now to seal the deal is make an earnest money deposit and sign a purchase contract.  Naturally, you would like to do away with these formalities as soon as possible and move into your new home, but here is a word of caution for prospective buyers like you: the excitement may cause you to rush into signing the purchase contract without giving this legal document a careful attention. This mistake costs ignorant home buyers dearly in Palm Beach County every now and then.

Signing a purchase contract is one of the most important steps in the home buying process.  It determines the terms and conditions for each of the several contingencies that the sellers and the buyers have to meet when a real estate deal is finalized.

Though a skilled real estate agent and an attorney specializing in this area will help you professionally, here are a few things that you need to be careful about when you sign a purchase contract. 


Be specific and clear about contingencies

As mentioned above, the purchase contract lays down the terms and conditions for contingencies related to home inspection, mortgage and the sale of buyer’s existing house if the deal is contingent on it.  You should be very clear and specific about each of the terms and conditions and even about its language and choice of words. You should clearly state under what circumstances you can walk away from the deal if you find any undisclosed flaw in the house’s condition.  Besides, if you plan to apply for a mortgage, you should make it clear that your ability to buy the house is contingent on approval of a home loan at a specified interest rate.  If you need to sell your house before buying a new one, you should put it in writing in the purchase contract.  The seller would want you to specify how much time you need to sell your existing house.

Closing costs

Closing costs may add up to a substantial amount of money.  Who pays various types of closing costs and to what extent is often negotiable.  Closing cost generally include attorney’s fees, title search fee, title insurance, recording fees, transaction taxes, appraisal fees and home warranties. You need to negotiate with the seller, if you want him to pay the closing costs partly or fully.  The purchase contract should make it clear which closing costs the seller has to pay, and how much.

Kick-out contingency Many sellers want a kick-out or escape clause included in the purchase contract.  A kick-out contingency makes it possible for the seller to walk away from the deal if he gets a better offer in a specified time period.  If you are making a contingent offer, you should clearly negotiate terms and condition related to the kick-out clause in the purchase contract.

If you do not pay very close attention to each of these terms and conditions, you may end up losing your earnest money deposit.  Misunderstandings and communication gaps may also rear their ugly head that can cause the deal to fall apart.  So you should be very careful while signing a purchase contract.

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Follow these 5 rules to sell your home faster in Palm Beach County

The reviving housing market in the US has shrunk the inventory and given the sellers an upper hand. Does this mean that you can ignore the oldest tricks in the book to sell your home faster? Probably not. To take full advantage of the sellers’ market, you need to follow some rules of thumb which apply in any situation irrespective of the market conditions or economic upheavals.

Rule Number #1 – Price your home logically 

You should not get carried away by good news related to real estate markets that you may be hearing quite frequently these days. Though, it is true the housing market has looked up after suffering through hard times in the US, you still need to price your home logically. Determining the appropriate price is a bit tricky, especially if you are selling a home for the first time, but below are some tried-and-tested tips to help you do some quick calculations –

Expert advice – The easiest way to know how much your home is priced is to seek expert help. You should consider consulting with a real estate agent who has some experience of helping people sell/ buy homes in your neighborhood in Palm Beach County.  If you need some help, check the Free Home Value Offer.

Research – Go to open houses in your neighborhood and see how they are priced. You may be able to come up with an appropriate price for your home depending on its size and location.  Additionally, you could study the median price at which homes in your neighborhood were sold in the past six months.

Rule Number #2 – Know your buyers

Buyers in the real estate world can be divided into several categories, like single male, single female, single mothers, elderly or retired people, single families, married couples and unmarried couples. Buyers from each of these types have different tastes and look for particular facilities in a home. Try to figure out what type of buyers would be most interested in purchasing your home. You can identify the type based on some calculations related to the size of your home, neighborhood, location and proximity with good schools. For example, single mothers would like to live in an area which is safe. The neighborhood should have families with kids and access to quality schools.

Rule Number #3 – Marketing

Make sure that real estate agents in your area know your house is on the market. Send them sales flyers. Use the internet to list your house online. If your budget allows it, you can also consider advertisements in the newspapers. Identify strategic locations in your front yard as well as neighborhood to place signage. In a nutshell, use every marketing trick to make the world know that your home is up for sale.

Rule number #4– Stand out in the neighborhood and de-clutter your home

Make sure that the garden in the front yard is in excellent condition. De-clutter your home and remove every unnecessary item, be it furniture or personal belongings. Let the buyer visualize himself and his family living in your home. If it was stuffed with things like memorabilia, family photographs and decorative arts, you would most likely be  blocking the buyer’s imagination.


Rule number#5 – know the legalities

You have to follow several standard procedures like writing a purchase contract, escrow services if you chose to put the earnest amount in the custody of a third-party and contingencies including home inspections. If you have a full knowledge about these procedural formalities, you would be in a better position to negotiate wisely and close on your house quickly.

For a first time home buyer, following all these rules may prove to be a bit overwhelming, but it is worth the time and efforts. These rules would ensure that you sell your home fast and get the best price for it.

Don’t want to try all these things alone?

Hire a Real Estate professional that will take care of the process from start to finish.  If you go this route, be picky because you deserve to be!

Enjoy your day!

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Well my son decided to rap a little about his Dad the REALTOR.. fun stuff.


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Frank Gaudino, REALTOR

Local Real Estate Agent to Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens Area